Mercury Column – August 2017

The free movement of people is at the top of the political agenda both locally and nationally in two very different ways.

Mercury Column – July 2017

This is my first column since the General Election and I would like to use the opportunity to thank all those residents who put their trust in me to continue representing the constituency in Westminster.

Mercury Column – March 2017

It’s disappointing when politicians resort to petty political games and posturing rather than taking real action to tackle issues.

Mercury Column – February 2017

Many residents have contacted me following last week’s Supreme Court ruling that Parliament must vote before the Government invokes Article 50 to commence our exit negotiations from the European Union. They have asked how I intend to vote when this comes before MPs in the next few weeks.

Setting out what Brexit means

Many of my constituents have contacted me regarding what will happen as the Government starts negotiating Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. The Prime Minister made clear this week that the referendum vote last June was about something more than simply leaving the European Union.

Mercury Column – January 2017

My first Mercury column of 2017 gives an opportunity to look to the year ahead. I’ve written extensively about Europe over the last six months, and more vital stages of Brexit will occur this year, but perhaps I can concentrate this month on some very localised projects.

Mercury Column – December 2016

We have just had the Autumn Statement. Traditionally this Parliamentary occasion, required by law, set out forecasts for the British economy in the years’ ahead and outlined the Government’s spending plans. It was the Budget the following spring that set out tax plans.

Mercury Column – November 2016

Brexit means Brexit! What on earth does that mean? That’s a fair question I have been asked numerous times over the summer. It is intended to convey that a clear and democratic decision had been made by the British people and this Government will implement that decision.

Mercury Column – October 2016

Have you ever watched television coverage of the House of Commons and wondered why some Members of Parliament are referred to as the Right Honourable… whilst others are just referred to as the Honourable member?