Local News

Brandon hosts A47 summit in Pariament

Today, I will host a meeting of the A47 Alliance in the House of Commons, bringing together business leaders, MPs and local authority representatives from Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Lincolnshire to hear the compelling case for improving this arterial route from the East of England to th

Dismay at roadside mess

Many residents have contacted me saying they are extremely disappointed with the standard of care being offered by Highways England to the road network they are responsible for in the Great Yarmouth area. Of particular concern are sections of the Yarmouth and Gorleston Relief Road.

James Paget not affected by listeria sandwiches

I know that some constituents may be concerned about the recent cases of listeria in some hospitals across England. Fortunately, our own James Paget Hospital is unaffected by this outbreak, linked to pre-packed sandwiches and salads eaten by patients.

Brandon follows up alleyway cleanliness concerns

This month I've been out-and-about in parts of north Great Yarmouth with the local Conservative Community Action team, knocking on doors and listening to people’s views on both national and local issues.

Council proposes changes to Fullers Hill junction

Norfolk County Council has contacted me with details about proposed changes to the Fullers Hill-Northgate Street junction in the town centre. They aim to improve this junction for both cyclists and pedestrians making it easier and safer to cross.