Westminster News

Brexit Update

I make no apology for writing so extensively about Brexit. Great Yarmouth residents voted overwhelmingly to leave, and I have a duty to work as your MP to deliver that result and keep you informed on progress.

Helping people save for retirement

10 million people have been auto-enrolled into a workplace pension, meaning they can look forward to a more secure future and a better retirement.

Welcome for green spaces funding

This week the Government announced an extra £13 million for councils to renovate, restore and create new parks. Our parks and green spaces are huge assets to our towns and villages, offering precious spaces for all of us to get together, to exercise and to play.

Labour's referendum is "Brexit betrayal"

Today, the Prime Minister has written in the Daily Mail urging MPs to hold their nerve so that we can leave the EU on the 29 March with a deal.

Labour refuse to support ban on terrorist group

Great Yarmouth residents will be alarmed to hear the Labour Party has refused to support the Government’s ban on the antisemitic terrorist organisation – Hizballah.

Praise for the Royal British Legion

Whilst both Parliamentary and ministerial activities are almost entirely dominated by Brexit, there are still opportunities to discuss other important issues. In between meetings, I was able to spend time with members of the Royal British Legion at a reception in the House of Commons.

Funding for new social workers

The Education Secretary has announced plans to train 900 new children's social workers to support some of the most vulnerable children and families in our communities.

Conservatives vote for tax cuts for 32 million people

Today I voted for the Chancellor of the Exchequer's budget package that will see tax cuts for 32 million people across our country. It will also remove more people from the tax system altogether so that those on lower incomes will not pay any tax on their wages.

A 10-year plan to improve our NHS

In the last Budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer confirmed that the NHS is the Government’s number one spending priority. In doing so, he committed to providing an additional £20 billion investment every year in our health services.