Westminster News

The country needs a General Election

Today, MPs will vote on holding an election on 12 December, so we can have a new functioning Parliament that can get Brexit done and let the country move on.

We need an election to stop Corbyn's EU surrender

From the moment Boris Johnson was elected Prime Minister he made it clear the country would leave the European Union on 31st October, whatever the circumstances. No ifs, no buts. We must respect the referendum result.

Boris is our new Prime Minister

A huge congratulations to Boris Johnson on becoming Leader of the Conservative Party and from Wednesday afternoon Prime Minister.

Every day is different for an MP

Constituents often ask me what a typical day is like for a Member of Parliament. There is no typical day; I soon found that out when I first went to Westminster after my election in 2010. Every day is different and brings new challenges.

The Conservatives are a big family

One of the joys and privileges of being Chairman of the Conservative Party is meeting so many activists, councillors and volunteers across the country. Last summer the Young Conservatives, an essential and vital part of the Conservative family, was reformed and relaunched.

Ending the UK’s contribution to global warming.

The UK has always been a global leader in tackling climate change – from being the first country to raise it on the international stage, to cutting emissions faster than all major economies and quadrupling renewable electricity.

Tackling food waste will save families billions

The amount of food thrown out every year in the UK is staggering, with an estimated 10.2 million tonnes of food and drink wasted. Whilst families could be throwing away around £500 worth of food every year.