Team Brandon

Help us deliver the strong and stable leadership our country needs.

From Fritton to Winterton and from Martham to Hopton, right across the Great Yarmouth constituency people like you are part of Team Brandon. They are a group of people who think that Brandon Lewis is the right choice to make sure we have a strong voice in Parliament and locally.

If you want to see Brandon continue as our Member of Parliament, and help Theresa May provide strong and stable leadership in the national interest, then help make that happen. It doesn’t cost anything to join Team Brandon, we won’t ask you to become a member of the Conservative Party or attend committee meetings. The only thing we ask is that you do something to help us re-elect Brandon to Parliament.

That can be as simple as pledging to vote for him, putting up a poster at election time, or delivering one hundred leaflets to help with Brandon’s campaign.

By becoming part of Team Brandon, you can play your part in making sure the Great Yarmouth constituency continues to get the great representation it deserves.

Join Team Brandon today and help ensure we keep a great MP.