Mercury Column

Mercury Column - September 2020

It is an exciting time returning to school after the summer holidays. Even more so if you are heading to a new school. All these years afterwards I still remember that peculiar mix of excitement and nerves. So, spare a thought for all the children heading back to schools across Great Yarmouth.

Mercury Column - August 2020

The warm and sunny weather has certainly boosted people’s spirits after all the worries and uncertainties of the virus lockdown.

June 2020 - Mercury Column

Although the Government continues to announce further ways that the coronavirus restrictions can be eased it is vital that we all stay alert to control the virus and save lives.

Mercury Column - January 2020

Every dam eventually has to break. At the recent General Election, that dam broke spectacularly. It was so unexpected, most media experts and almost every politician had not anticipated something on this scale.

Mercury Column - July 2019

Transport issues are dominating my local agenda, and I recently highlighted these at the very heart of Westminster. With the Government set to decide its priorities for future roads investment, MPs are lobbying transport ministers to fund projects in Norfolk, and across East Anglia.

March 2019 - Mercury Column

When I sat down to write this month’s column, I had thought it might be a Brexit free zone. After all, it has dominated political debate since the referendum.

February 2019 - Mercury Column

In the last Budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer confirmed that the NHS is the Government’s number one spending priority. In doing so, he committed to providing an additional £20 billion investment every year in our health services.