Mercury Column

January 2019 - Mercury Column

Firstly, may I wish all readers of the Great Yarmouth Mercury a very happy New Year. With Brexit Day drawing ever closer it’s an important year for our country with many exciting opportunities for our nation as we leave the European Union.

Mercury Column - October 2018

More than ever, the annual party conference season has proven important and relevant to the
future of our country. After two decades, of mainstream political parties all occupying nothing but

Mercury Column – September 2018

Wow! What a summer we’ve enjoyed this year. It has been fantastic to see the town and seafront crowded with visitors from near and far enjoy everything the area has to offer.

Mercury Column – August 2018

What makes Norfolk such a special county? Why should we all be proud of what is around us? Is it the beauty and tranquillity of our own national park – The Broads? Or maybe our vibrant city of Norwich with so many charming medieval churches that makes the difference.

Mercury Column – July 2018

Nestled in the leafy Buckinghamshire countryside, the Prime Minister’s country retreat at Chequers has witnessed many historic occasions.

Mercury Column – May 2018

Everyone hoped that the stormy weather had passed until next winter, giving respite for those residents in Hemsby who have seen their homes battered over-and-over again.

Mercury Column – April 2018

There’s a rhythm to life in politics. It’s no different from the changing seasons or the rotation of Christian festivals. The political world has its own yearly calendar that seems to come around and around, year after year.

Mercury Column – March 2018

As I write this month’s column the news is dominated by the appalling events in Salisbury where a military grade nerve agent was deliberately unleashed on two targets, at the same time putting many others at potential risk.

Mercury Column – February 2018

“All politics is local” is a well-used phrase in the United States, normally associated with a famous Congressman Tip O’Neill. He used it to remind himself that he should never forget that local people elected him.