December 2018 - Mercury column

The clock is ticking!

We will be leaving the European Union on Friday 29th March next year.

It’s only a little over 100 days until Brexit finally becomes a reality. The media hype in Westminster continues to focus on political shenanigans that have little to do with delivering a successful outcome for the process leading to Brexit Day. Amidst all this commentator fuelled frenzy, many forget it is the Prime Minister’s determination that has got us this far in the complicated negotiations with Brussels. And it is Theresa May who is determined to deliver the decision made by the British people during the European Referendum. It’s a determination I share.

There is no other deal. And there are many reasons to support this deal – something I hope MP’s will do next week – rather than pitch us into the turbulent seas that would be a no deal Brexit. The deal ends free movement once and for all, with the introduction of a new skills-based immigration system. The deal ends the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in our country. The deal brings back full control of our money which we will be able to spend on our priorities such as the NHS.

I’m grateful to the many constituents who have taken the time to contact me with their views on the deal. I know some would prefer a No Deal Brexit. However, there are many risks to our country by taking such a course of action. We can’t assume that European Governments will make life easy for us if we took that option. Already, I can see our channel ports gridlocked as foreign customs officers slow down the movement of goods. And can you imagine French farmers and fisherman blockading ports to make sure the UK gets no special treatment?

Of course, there is another alternative. A Corbyn-led government, which we now know wants a second referendum because he and his colleagues have never really excepted the decision made by the British people.

You can also let me know your views by completing my special Brexit Survey below.


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3. From what you have seen or heard so far, do you support or oppose the UK Government’s withdrawal agreement?
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4. If there was a referendum tomorrow, with the following 3 options on the ballot paper, which would you support?
This Deal - the government’s Brexit agreement
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No Brexit - Remaining in the EU
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