Welcoming “new normal” workplace saving

New figures show that 7,000 more people in Great Yarmouth are now saving more for their retirement because of pension changes introduced by the Conservatives. Auto-enrolment into workplace pensions was aimed to make it easier, and affordable, for workers to save for their retirement.

Our immigration policy. Taking back control with compassion

The immigration debate in this country is, too often, an uneasy one – and not simply in the context of our departure from the European Union. The reality of it requires us to be both open and pragmatic both in terms of what our ambitions should be, and how we go about delivering them.

Remembering Passchendaele

A century ago today the battlefields of Europe were still ablaze with a bloody conflict that engulfed the whole world. Around the Belgian town of Ypres the brutal Battle of Passchendaele was still grinding onwards – an offensive that would see over half-a-million casualties on both sides.

Setting out what Brexit means

Many of my constituents have contacted me regarding what will happen as the Government starts negotiating Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. The Prime Minister made clear this week that the referendum vote last June was about something more than simply leaving the European Union.