Brandon guides Brexit legislation through the House of Commons

There's still an atmosphere of "the first day back at school" in the House of Commons, as those MPs elected for the first time in the General Election return after the Christmas break. Whilst new MPs are finding their feet they are already voting through the legislation that will ensure we leave the European Union on 31st January. 

The decisive General Election result, electing a Conservative-majority Government, means at long last we can deliver the result of the 2016 Referendum. 

Yesterday, as a minister, I was in the House of Commons guiding the EU Withdrawal Bill, through the various stages that eventually make it law. MPs were considering the arrangements made to protect citizen's rights, whilst I made it clear that freedom of movement from European Union countries will end.

You can watch my full contribution and the wider debate, here.

What is extraordinary is that despite losing the General Election the Labour Party still remain in denial over Brexit. That's not surprising when one contender to replace Jeremy Corbyn scored him ten out of ten as leader of the Labour Party. Whilst another contender is their "Remainer in Chief" who did everything possible to block Brexit and wanted to ignore the original referendum result. Fortunately, even if Labour want to play games by attempting to water down our Brexit Deal they are unable to do so. 

We are leaving the European Union on 31st January and in doing so will deliver the People's top priority.