Mercury Column

Mercury Column – April 2018

There’s a rhythm to life in politics. It’s no different from the changing seasons or the rotation of Christian festivals. The political world has its own yearly calendar that seems to come around and around, year after year.

Mercury Column – March 2018

As I write this month’s column the news is dominated by the appalling events in Salisbury where a military grade nerve agent was deliberately unleashed on two targets, at the same time putting many others at potential risk.

Mercury Column – February 2018

“All politics is local” is a well-used phrase in the United States, normally associated with a famous Congressman Tip O’Neill. He used it to remind himself that he should never forget that local people elected him.

Mercury Column – January 2018

Who could have predicted that 2017 would have been such a rollercoaster of a political year? Wildly changing opinion polls, an unexpected General Election, the emergence of fake news, Donald Trump’s tweets, ongoing Brexit negotiations.

Mercury Column – November 2017

A century ago today the battlefields of Europe were still ablaze with a bloody conflict that engulfed the whole world. Around the Belgian town of Ypres the brutal Battle of Passchendaele was still grinding onwards – an offensive that would see over half-a-million casualties on both sides.

Mercury Column – October 2017

It doesn’t seem possible that yet again I am writing my monthly Mercury column from my party’s annual political gathering, as we come to the end of another conference season.

Mercury Column – September 2017

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, I joined the crowds of both residents and visitors who came out to welcome the East Coast Truckers convoy as they travelled through Great Yarmouth.

Mercury Column – August 2017

The free movement of people is at the top of the political agenda both locally and nationally in two very different ways.

Mercury Column – July 2017

This is my first column since the General Election and I would like to use the opportunity to thank all those residents who put their trust in me to continue representing the constituency in Westminster.

Mercury Column – March 2017

It’s disappointing when politicians resort to petty political games and posturing rather than taking real action to tackle issues.