Delivering the third river crossing

Great Yarmouth has enormous economic potential and with more and more businesses attracted to the area, industry agrees. That’s why improving transport links in the town is such an important issue. Working together with both Borough and County Councillors I’ve been at the forefront of lobbying government for the funding required to construct the vital Third River Crossing.

Transport Ministers acknowledged that having a local Member of Parliament working hard in the very heart of Whitehall was a huge factor in securing a £98.1 million funding from the government. In doing so, this has resulted in the project getting the go ahead and will unlock new economic opportunities for the town – creating thousands of jobs within the Enterprise Zone and encouraging further investment in the offshore wind farm sector.


Brandon helps deliver third river crossing

Working together with Conservative councillors on both the Borough and County Councils I’ve been lobbying the Government for many years to provide funding to assist with the construction of a third river crossing in Great Yarmouth.