Brandon's Health Matters Survey

Brandon Lewis and your local Conservative team, want to hear your views on health services in the Great Yarmouth area.

Please complete our short survey, so we can raise issues with local NHS executives and provide on-the-ground feedback to Government health ministers.

Health Matters Survey

  • Current Health Matters
  • National Issues
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1.1 What is the most important local health care issue now?
1.2 Have you needed to access local healthcare services in the last month, if so which ones?
1.3 On a scale of 0-10 how satisfied were you with your experience?
Very dissatisfied
Extremely satisfied
1.4 Have you experienced difficulties registering for dental services in our area?
1.5 Did you know the Government has confirmed funding to build a new James Paget University Hospital?
1.6 Do you support the introduction of the new 1.25% social care levy (collected through National Insurance contributions) from April 2021 to pay for the social care system in England?
1.7 On a scale of 0-10, how do you rate the Government’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic?
Very poor