Reverse the cuts to BBC Radio Norfolk

Local MP, Brandon Lewis, has joined forces with Great Yarmouth Conservative councillors to oppose the crazy cuts to local radio that will be detrimental to BBC Radio Norfolk. 

BBC Norfolk is an important part of our local community providing news, entertainment, and companionship to listeners in different communities across the Great Yarmouth constituency. Not all will be able to access new digital content or wish to do so in this format. Instead, they will see much of what they listen to watered down from a local point of view. We are used to BBC Norfolk dealing with county issues, putting local politicians on the spot, and covering news in Great Yarmouth.

Instead, we will see much of their output throughout the day lumped in with Cambridgeshire and even further away from Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. I am sure discussions about road congestion in faraway Berkhamsted are fascinating, but they are irrelevant in Belton and Bradwell.

Listeners rely on our county radio station for its unique blend of local news and up-to-date information. Merging BBC Norfolk with five other counties, including far away Hertfordshire, is not the answer.

It's not too late for out-of-touch BBC executives to reverse their dismal decision that will see local programming reduced and the daily schedule ripped apart. Please support the campaign to reverse the BBC's cuts to BBC Radio Norfolk and other local radio services.