Tackling food waste will save families billions

The amount of food thrown out every year in the UK is staggering, with an estimated 10.2 million tonnes of food and drink wasted. Whilst families could be throwing away around £500 worth of food every year. And there is so much food getting junked that is still perfectly edible – experts estimate this is equivalent to around 250,000 meals. That’s why we are working with business to cut down food waste, be a global leader on this issue, and stay on track to halve it by 2030.

I am delighted to be part of a government that has persuaded all our major supermarkets to sign an ambitious pledge to halve this food waste over the next decade. They’ve taken up the challenge to “Step up to the Plate” by changing their own business practices and help raise awareness of this issue with consumers.  Food waste is an important environmental and economic challenge facing our society that’s why it is vital it is tackled.