The message is clear "Stay Safe - Save Lives!"

We can turn the tide against coronavirus in the next twelve weeks – everyone will need to help to ensure people get the support they need to stay at home. This will mean we can protect our NHS and save thousands of lives.

  • The coronavirus outbreak is the biggest public health emergency in a generation. It calls for decisive action, at home and abroad, of the kind not normally seen in peacetime.
  • This is why we are doing everything we can to tackle the pandemic and mitigate its impact. We are mobilising every bit of Government to defend our people and our country. Businesses, our great universities and communities across the country are coming together to help.
  • The public has a crucial role to play in delaying the spread of the virus, making sure they stay at home if they have coronavirus symptoms or, if someone in their household does, washing their hands more regularly and pulling together at this time of emergency. The best thing you can do is to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives. 
  • Guided by the best scientific advice, with our clear action plan and through looking out for each other, we will rise to this challenge together.

We want to protect you, but we need you to do your bit. If you’re going out, make sure you stay two metres apart from others at all times. #StaySafeSaveLives

Follow the comprehensive guidelines here to make sure you are social distancing