Mercury Column – September 2017

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, I joined the crowds of both residents and visitors who came out to welcome the East Coast Truckers convoy as they travelled through Great Yarmouth. On a day when we had glorious summer weather, the town and the entire borough was at its best, with thousands of people visiting and enjoying all the fun offered by our local tourism industry.

Tourism remains the vital bedrock for our local economy. From the quiet tranquillity of the Broads through to the excitement of Great Yarmouth Seafront, we have something to offer everyone. Right from the moment I was elected as your Member of Parliament I’ve highlighted what a fantastic destination the town and the wider area is for both domestic and international tourists. I will continue to promote the area and work with local operators to make sure we are one of the top tourist destinations in our United Kingdom.

However, when considering how to help create more jobs and increase the prosperity of our community, it would be a mistake to put all our eggs into the one tourism basket. That’s why I am so excited about the ongoing developments in the energy sector here in Great Yarmouth. And there are very real opportunities to expand and revive our fishing industry after we successfully negotiate our exit from the European Union. These represent a not-to-be-missed chance to create even more jobs and help to build an even brighter future for Great Yarmouth.

These opportunities won’t just come to us by default, we need to work together to make sure they become reality. As your Member of Parliament, I am committed to making sure that we have the right foundations to attract additional businesses to our borough. Alongside this we need improved infrastructure – we need a third river crossing, extra school capacity, and better broadband – to name just a few on our shopping list. There is a lot a to do but I am confident that together we can do it and make sure that our community retains our tourism industry, whilst boldly taking advantage of every new opportunity.