Mercury Column – July 2017

This is my first column since the General Election and I would like to use the opportunity to thank all those residents who put their trust in me to continue representing the constituency in Westminster. To achieve an increased majority and more than 50% of the total vote was an enormous achievement when you consider the overall national result. This wouldn’t have been possible without the invaluable support provided by supporters and volunteers who helped across the constituency, working tirelessly during the campaign because they believe the country needs a stronger economy, to support a fairer society, and that we need a government capable of securing the best deal for Britain as we negotiate for Brexit. Of course, I represent everyone in this constituency, irrespective of their political views, and along with my team, I will continue to put their interests first and deal with the issues they raise.

There was no respite between the announcement of the election result at the Town Hall and getting back to work. After a flurry of media interviews, I was tackling Home Office issues, as ministerial duties continue (even during a campaign) and catching up with casework that had arrived during the election. I was delighted to be invited by the Prime Minister to remain a government minister and to attend Cabinet in this role. It gives Great Yarmouth a strong position at the heart of government and an opportunity for me to represent the views of the area. As the new Immigration Minister, I am acutely aware of how this issue is central to our discussions, and negotiations, as we prepare to leave the European Union. Brexit will continue to dominate politics over the next few years. It’s a mammoth task to unravel forty years of European laws, regulations and treaties before we can finally leave. Some of these, particularly environmental safeguards and workers’ protections, will be enshrined in British law but many others will be ditched or modified to suit our own national interest I look forward to updating you on progress over the months ahead and perhaps giving you a unique insight into the process.