Brandon follows up alleyway cleanliness concerns

This month I've been out-and-about in parts of north Great Yarmouth with the local Conservative Community Action team, knocking on doors and listening to people’s views on both national and local issues.

One local issue that was raised with us was problems with the cleanliness of alleyways and incidences of flytipping. We all want to live in a clean and tidy area, so it is disappointing when a few irresponsible individuals spoil this for everyone else. I took this up with the council’s waste and cleansing manager asking his staff to meet with concerned residents to inspect hotspots. I am delighted that this has now happened and have confirmation that these passages are on a cleansing schedule for sweeping and the removal of rubbish caused by fly-tipping. As a result, I hope things will now improve.

If there is a specific incident of fly-tipping near your house, or you have any information about someone responsible for fly tipping, or any other problem with street cleansing,  you can contact the Borough Council on 01493 742200.