Beware of fake virus news

The Government’s Rapid Response Unit is continuing to work with departments across Whitehall and social media companies to combat the spread of false information about coronavirus - ensuring the public has the right information to protect themselves and save lives.

During this pandemic, it is essential that everyone receives the correct information in a timely fashion. While our communities are pulling together through this crisis, there are those who try to exploit the most vulnerable online through dangerous misinformation. Working alongside departments across Whitehall, the Government will use its scientific and medical experts to identify and challenge false information on social media and work with social media companies to remove the harmful content and ensure public health campaigns are promoted through reliable sources.

Together we can ensure that accurate and helpful information gets to those who need it, ensuring our nation stays informed and reassured that the steps they are taking are the right ones and that no one is exploited or mislead on social media. The best source of accurate and up-to-date information are available on the Government's dedicated Coronavirus page and medical information is avaialable from the NHS website