A 10-year plan to improve our NHS

In the last Budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer confirmed that the NHS is the Government’s number one spending priority. In doing so, he committed to providing an additional £20 billion investment every year in our health services.

This is a historic moment for patients across our nation, as this will protect the health service now and for generations to come – ensuring that the NHS is always there for you and your family. Today the Government is providing more detail about its 10-year plan for the NHS. There’s a focus on preventative spending, with billions allocated to primary and community care. The plan includes a massive increase in the workforce for these areas of health care, along with more mental health professionals.

More rapid diagnostics and new treatments will improve the care you receive when faced with a significant illness – with an aim to improve health outcomes, so people live longer and healthier lives. And by making better use of technology, your access to the NHS can be improved, meaning everyone can make appointments, manage prescriptions and view their health records online.

With this additional funding, there is a responsibility for NHS managers to spend wisely and cut out waste so that taxpayers’ money is used to provide care and treatment. In today’s Daily Mail the Chancellor of the Exchequer has set out how the public will demand progress on their investment. And states that it means, “more services available in GP surgeries rather than needing a trip to a hospital; and one person being able to deal with your needs rather than sending you to see different people in different places. One set of questions and answers!”

I’m looking forward to seeing how this additional funding will lead to real improvements in health care in our area.