Resident’s Opinion Survey

As a Member of Parliament, I spend a lot of time talking to residents across the Great Yarmouth area, at the same time listening carefully to their views.I’ve just launched another opinion survey, which is being delivered to over 10,000 randomly selected households across the constituency. If you receive a survey, do please take the time to complete and return, it will only take a few minutes

In February 2016 I launched another opinion survey, which was delivered to over 10,000 randomly selected households across the constituency. If you weren’t a selected household, you can still take part by completing an the online version below.

Previous surveys provided valuable information; some helped change Government policy. Your views on the cost of motoring, helped me persuade the Chancellor of the Exchequer to freeze the tax on fuel, something that has continued for several years.

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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Please note this survey is only intended for the completion of residents in the Great Yarmouth Parliamentary Constituency, and will require a verifiable address within the constituency.

Please complete your personal details below:

Are there problems with speeding traffic in your street?

Conservatives believe the Police Commissioner for Norfolk should be a full-time job. Do you agree?

Which types of anti-social behaviour are of most concern to you?

Which ONE of the following will most contribute to tackling crime effectively?

Which THREE of these local issues do you think should be priortised?

Are there any local issues or concerns you would like to raise?

To help make this survey representative please tell us how you voted in 2015.

You can find out how we use your information here. If you do not want the information you give to us to be used in these ways, or for us to contact you, please indicate by ticking the relevant boxes: