Resident’s update – Caister Sewage Plant

Letter sent to residents in the Caister area

Dear Caister residents,

I am writing regarding the issues with the smell coming from Caister sewage works. I am aware that this is a long-term and ongoing problem but have serious concerns about the problem getting worse recently.

I have written to Anglian Water, who manage the site, as I believe that answers are needed as to what they are doing to address the problem. It is not acceptable that residents daily lives are blighted by the smell coming from the works, to the point where they cannot leave their houses or cars to go about their business. I also understand that there are reports of people becoming ill owing to the smells emanating from these works, and would encourage anyone who has experienced this problem to report this to their local GP and to me so we have an idea as to the extent of the problem.

I understand that Anglian Water attended the recent Caister Parish Council meeting, but did not satisfactorily answer the very real concerns of local residents, and so will be making clear to them that these must be addressed. Once I have a response from Anglian Water, I will be in touch again.

Yours sincerely,

Rt Hon. Brandon Lewis MP

Member of Parliament for Great Yarmouth