E-newsletter – 29th March 2017


Dear Andrew

Last week we saw a terrorist-inspired attack not only aimed at the Houses of Parliament but at the democratic values Westminster represents. Four innocent people lost their lives and dozens seriously injured. One of those victim’s, PC Keith Palmer, demonstrated selfless bravery in the line-of-duty; a sobering reminder of the personal risks faced by all our emergency services as they work to make sure the rest of us our safe. There were many examples of individual bravery demonstrated by others working in Westminster that day, particularly in the immediate aftermath when it was unclear whether this was an isolated incident or part of a larger co-ordinated attack. Many constituents have contacted me since the attack expressing their admiration for PC Palmer and sharing the sentiment of the Prime Minister’s words in the House of Commons, saying he was “…every inch a hero and his actions will never be forgotten.”

As a nation, we have remarkable resilience in times of adversity and a determined British spirit that means life will go on. That’s exactly the right reaction to acts of terrorism – a demonstration that we will not be cowed by threat and intimidation. The following day, the House of Commons was back to work, with ministers and MPs undertaking the roles we are elected to do, making laws and scrutinising the work of Government. On Thursday evening, I appeared on BBC Question Time, where understandably the terrorist attack was the main topic of discussion. You can see my response to the first question about this here.

And like every other Member of Parliament, my constituency responsibilities continued. Just some of the things I dealt with include:

Over the weekend, meeting with a local farmer to discuss various local issues. Farmers are carefully following the Brexit debate and the forthcoming negotiations. They are an integral, but often unrecognised part of our economy, and I will be keeping in touch with them over Brexit issues and listening to their views.

The mindless anti-social behaviour of a few people was discussed with the local Macdonalds manager. Her staff and customers have had to deal with unacceptable behaviour. She is pleased with the police response to these issues and the clear plan to deal with any future problems.

The team at Lacons Brewery briefed me on recent improvements to their facilities and local business growth. And, of course, they were rightly proud to tell me about their recent success at the International Brewery Awards (the Oscars of the beer world) when two of their beers were awarded medals.

As always, if I can help with any issues you wish to raise, please do contact my office on 01493 854550 or by email at office@brandonlewis.co

Best wishes,
Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MP