You cannot trust Labour with the economy

Later today there will be a vote held in the House of Commons to decide whether or not benefits should be capped for the next three years at the same level of inflation to wages.

It comes as no surprise that the Labour Party have stated that they will vote against the measure.  The Labour Party has voted time and time again against any measure that the Coalition Government have taken to get our country’s finances back in order following the mess they made.

Had the Labour Party been successful in defeating the cost-saving measures introduced by the government, every household in Great Yarmouth would have been saddled with almost £5,000 of extra national debt.

I do not believe that it is fair to keep asking hardworking people to pay for the rising cost of benefits, especially when benefits are rising faster than wages.

This decision is about fairness – it is not fair to keep hitting those who put into the economy, especially in these difficult times.

Here are two things to remind the Labour Party about when they complain about changes to the benefits system:

  1. Under Labour, the welfare system spiralled out of control with the welfare bill rising by 60%, costing every household in Britain an extra £3,000 a year.
  2. In the last five years, those on out of work benefits have seen their incomes rise almost twice as fast as people in work – at a rate of 20% compared to an increase in average earnings of only 12%

You cannot trust Labour with the economy