What matters?

Not a bad week of training and with Hack gate going on all around me it was actually nice to have a very good reason to get into a pool, onto a run course or the bike and turn the mind off of the crazy bubble Westminster lives in. As an side I do find it slightly odd that at a time when we are fighting two wars overseas, reforming the NHS, Welfare and public services and working to get our deficit down the only big news item is about what the media have being doing (only a small part of it too, with it seeming to focus on just some print press). Disgraceful as this scandal is, surely we have other important news as well?

However, this is not a political blog so back to training. Whilst out on an early run today my thoughts on this were peaked further when a song came onto my IPod called Don’t Blink by Kenny Chesney. As someone wit kids the lyrics are very poignant and make you just focus n what really matters, a run is a good time for this sort of reflection and part of what I love about the solitude of it. Well worth a listen.

Had a bit of a training weekend with 3 days running in the moorlands, doing a range of 400 mtrs to 800mtr swims, plus some long runs over moorlands. A good weekend after an ok week but with just a few weeks to go I am very keen to get back to open water swimming, with Fritton Lake calling me this week as I am back in Great Yarmouth for the mid week.


My bike is also still feeling good to ride after the bike fit and again my thanks go to the team at Cycles UK for looking after me so well. With my 40th this summer I have been toying with treating myself to a dream bike ready for the end of season or maybe for use in 2012 and they have a very nice Wilier that has taken my eye…will keep you posted.