Wet suit fright

This week I had to sort out my wet suit, the day had finally come where I had to go and commit to the ultimate reality check.

The problems with ordering my wet suit are multiple.

  1. I am not sure I am ready to see myself in tight neoprene
  2. I know the public are not ready to see me in tight neoprene.
  3. It  means the event is looming ever closer.
  4. I really am doing this!!!

I was right regarding the public seeing me. Having got the suit on (an event all in itself) I unfortunately caught site of myself in a changing room mirror, which is when reality struck! My six pack washboard stomach has not yet materialised. This was a real shock to me and my mental image of my rippling torso…….one that I have now managed to recover from.

Seriously, it was a big reality check that the events I have entered to get used to the triathlon are now very close and I am still a long way from being confident about the swim, let alone following it with the bike ride and run. My ever supportive coach, who had come with me to insure no purchasing insanity, reminded me that I am doing ok and still have time to build confidence in my swimming. So I have high hope for these new spring days with the nice light starts and lighter evenings. Excellent opportunities to build up bike, run and swim time in the week ahead.