Wet run

The worst run this season, not because I struggled with fitness or tiredness but just wind and rain. Went out when it was dry but grey so luckily had planned ahead with a waterproof top but whilst out the heavens opened on me.

I got soaked!

It is definitely harder to run at a decent pace when you are feeling the cold wet water running own your back and your clothes are soaked through, I was determined to complete my 10k, though the temptation of finding shelter or calling for a lift back were strong. I did finish though and my self-satisfaction with doing so meant I have cheered myself up with a kitkat.

Last night I had hoped to get an open water swim in but the time change at the venue just outside London I wanted to use (I was at Westminster all day) meant it did not happen much to my frustration so this weekend will be another bumper weekend of bike and run to make up for it.

I have this week also kept up my core strength work in the gym with a trainer and that is definitely paying dividends as I feel much more solid and balanced on the run, even in the rain.