Vote Purple – Go Red

It’s official – the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and, most surprisingly of all, Ukip have voted to put the Labour Party in charge of Norfolk County Council.

This is a situation that I and others in the Conservative Party have warned about for some time now – a vote for Ukip is invariable a vote for Labour.  The splitting of the Conservative vote leads to one thing:

  • Labour are now in charge of Norfolk’s schools, healthcare, business and enterprise.  Just the situation that those voting Conservative or Ukip would want to avoid – remember, Norwich Labour have a track record of hiking council house rents (5% increase), council tax (2% increase) and their own allowances (up 11%!).

There is much to be done for the Conservative Party to win back supporters, something I and my colleagues will work hard to do in the run up to the European Elections next year.  In the meantime, I shall put constant pressure on the ruling Labour Party to spend our money wisely.