Visit to Hemsby Beach

Last Friday I visited Hemsby Beach as part of a long-running campaign to tackle coastal erosion across the Great Yarmouth coastline.  Cllr Shirley Weymouth met me at the beach, along with residents, to discuss how best to push for measures to protect the coastline.

There is a great deal of enthusiasm in the community to protect Hemsby Beach – an important asset to the area.  Local residents need Great Yarmouth Borough Council to publish their technical findings for the area and develop a thorough plan for how money is to be raised to protect the coastline.  This is a privately owned stretch of beach and it is good to hear the local businesses wanting to get on with plans to protect this area but they do need approval from the council team too.  I shall write to the Council again to push for answers and continue to work with Councillors, local businesses and residents to find a solution to the problem.