Triathlon Gold Medals

An amazing weekend for British Triathlon.

The event was so well organised, the stands and layout so superb that it was a joy to be there and a great insight into how good the 2012 event will be. A huge well done to all involved from GE, TATA and the British Triathlon Federation. A great event and a wonderful spectacle.

We had a Gold medal on Saturday with Helen Jenkins fantastic race, where she ran clear of the rest of the competitors in such a regal way. It was an absolute pleasure to watch and one of those performances that makes you proud to be British.

Then on Sunday, we have the pair. With Alastair Brownlee taking the men’s Gold medal and his brother Jonathan taking bronze. Leaving a tantalising prospect for 2012.

The potential of two Triathlon gold medals at 2012 is now achievable and a possible men’s 1:2 is also on the horizon. With Alastair in his current form it left twitter commentators asking if he, when on form, can be beaten by anyone. As a growing triathlon fan, I am realising what a great time this is for our sport, how strong the British team is.

These great results will rightly get the plaudits this week for their superlative performances and yet we also have a whole crop of promising athletes competing just below them with their full potential yet to be reached, it is a tantalisingly exciting time for triathlon.

The superb event and results even alleviated my own frustration at not being able to take part myself, though I am itching to get back to training this week as soon as my foot allows.