Training Update

I have had a good couple of week training. I have managed a few brick sessions (run and bike) and also a couple of long runs. I have noticed the difference that my winter gym work has made, the core and flexibility work seems to have helped immensely.

I have been using the MP3 recordings by Chrissie Wellington for my runs, from Audio Fuel. These have made it much easier to do interval work and give the right level of support via the headphones to keep you going, especially when it gets tough. They are great for a short sharp but useful 25 min run or for a longer 50 min stretch. I have not yet used the turbo trainer sessions but hope to in the next few weeks.

Last year I was running and averaging around 12 min miles to 12.5. This year thus far I am more like 10 min with the odd dip into 9.5, which is a big jump for me. However, I have not done anything like enough swimming yet so am looking forward to the open water being available in the next few weeks at Fritton.

With the sun back with us, I managed a couple of bike sessions this week, with high hopes for a long ride by the end of the week and over the weekend.

Reading the Chrissie Wellington book; Life without limits, has given that extra nudge to work a bit harder and see what I can do this year in terms of times and the range of events. I have also finally, after 18 mths of debate with myself, my bank account and Mrs Lewis, ordered a new road bike and hope to collect it on Saturday so that I can give a first run out on Sunday morning. Very excited about that and will no doubt blog over the weekend about my first run out on it, weather permitting.