Training Needs to Improve…..quickly

My triathlon year has not gone to plan thus far. With a good start by training hard over the winter I felt very strong going into early spring. I was training most days, eating healthily and then it all started to fall apart…..before my very eyes!

From early Easter work and family life intervened to mean I was not making time to train due to my own failure to schedule my day well enough. Hence in the last 2 months I have done next to no training. As a result I have had to miss out on two triathlon events I wanted to do and have been left ruing a loss of a year I was looking forward to in terms of competing. BUT and it is a big but, I still have much to look forward to.

With so much good work put in over the winter I can regain my basic fitness, as I have not put on any weight whilst not training, mainly thanks to being so busy and working hard at still eating healthily. SO I have not got the summer to get my core triathlon specific fitness back to compete maybe late season and for certain in at least a duathlon.