The weeks training

A poor week in terms of training.

I did the sprint triathlon on Sunday so aimed to have a rest day on Monday. However, after seeing my physio/chiropractor (Shoulder is still playing up) I felt good so went and had an 800 mtr swim and that went well. Took it easy but actually felt quite strong.

The rest of the week was a no go, with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurs being taken up fully with long workdays. I wanted to do at least one early morning jog but my shoulder was playing up a bit too much. With the next race on Saturday Friday would always have been a no training day, so that meant the only work done this week was my Monday swim.

I was back at the chiropractor on Friday for a check up and some further work and was told I would be better not to race on Saturday at Fritton, but with it being my home triathlon (Fritton is in Great Yarmouth) I felt I could not skip it and was looking forward to it.

The feeling is that my injury is unlikely to actually stop me racing but will give me some problems post the race. As my next race after that is not until the main one in August that gives me 8 weeks so I think things will be fine.