The question of Europe

I want to put ideological differences to one side and see a sensible, measured approach towards the European motion amendment vote taking place on Monday regarding repatriating powers from Europe.

Following the tabling of a motion for a referendum on whether we stay a member of the European Union, I carefully reviewed all amendments currently tabled and decided to back a measure which is intended to make the proposal more relevant to the current economic and political reality.

At the moment, a call for a referendum on withdrawal without any mention of the reality of the practical mechanics is not the right approach. With the multidimensional nature of the European Union, it is important that we delicately review all aspects of any proposed changes to the current legislation to ensure doing so is at the greatest advantage to all British citizens.

The best option currently available is an amendment which changes the motion from calling for an in/out referendum to setting out clearly and decisively how the Government should approach the issue of the European Union. The amendment states that any further increase in the Powers of the European Union should only be endorsed via a referendum. It also states unequivocally that the EU’s regulations have gone too far and are damaging the British Economy.

Instead this amendment, if approved by the House, will be a powerful assertion of support of the Conservative Party’s stance of a sensible staged reduction of European Influence through negotiation. It will also firmly close the door on the notion that we should pick up the tab for the crisis in the Euro zone.

1)       The full text of the amendment is:

“ Line 1,leave out from ‘House’ to end and add ‘believes
that it was wrong for successive governments to hand over increasing powers to the EU without seeking the approval of the British people in a referendum; further believes that it was right for the present Government to introduce legislation which required a referendum before the transfer of any further power in a new Treaty; notes that by enacting this legislation, Parliament has prevented such undemocratic transfers of power in the future; further believes that the steady and unaccountable intrusion of the EU into almost every aspect
of people’s lives has gone too far and that the burden of EU legislation is suppressing growth in the UK economy; calls upon the Government to negotiate to return powers that should reside with the UK rather than the EU, including in the field of social and employment legislation; further calls on the Government to bring the EU budget under control, with anything more than a real terms freeze in the next EU multi-annual budget being unacceptable; further believes that the UK should not participate in the Euro zone bail-out of Greece and
insists that the Government avoid participation in any further Euro zone bail-out of Greece; and further believes that Euro zone bail-outs should be the responsibility of Member States in the Euro zone.’. “