The Queen makes our country “great”

Over the next four days, Great Yarmouth and the entire county will celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of our Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. These celebrations will take a myriad of forms. From the large set piece displays of pageantry such as the thousand-ship flotilla that will sail down the Thames, to smaller gatherings of local communities in street parties. I am proud to say that Great Yarmouth has a very special stake in this year’s celebrations. Not only is the borough-playing host to dozens of events, but also is via Caister Lifeboat having a representative at the Thames Pageant, and the coordinator of the Jubilee beacons Bruno Peek is also a Great Yarmouth resident.

I strongly believe that all of this praise and celebration is well deserved when one considers the 60 years of noble dedication and service the Queen has provided to not just our nation but to al l16 of her sovereign realms. The Queen has remained, through good and bad times, an unmovable rock of tradition dignity and royal service around which our island nation has evolved and developed. She has seen Britain undergo transformations; economically, socially and demographically during her reign but her dedication never wavered; never hesitated, it is therefore only just that this milestone is marked by outpourings of national support.

Great Yarmouth recently had an opportunity to welcome HRH the Prince of Wales to the town, and it was fantastic to see on that occasion so many people turning out to see Prince Charles. Great Yarmouth on that day did itself proud and showed the Prince not only its history but also that it remained a vibrant place. The Jubilee gives our Borough and the whole of our United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland the same opportunity.

The Jubilee will attract the eyes of the world and is a fantastic opportunity for our nation to show how proud we are to be British. There is no shame in being proud of our county, our history and our royal family, these things set us apart from all other nations and explains just why our nation is “Great”. All of these things will be showcased over the next four days and I am sure that everyone of in the Borough will join me in saying that this is a fantastic thing.

I hope everyone has a great Jubilee weekend.