The Prince’s Trust in action

The Prince’s Trust celebrated its 35-year anniversary this week, at an awards ceremony to recognise the success of some of the disadvantaged young people this charity has helped. Founded in 1976, the trust was set up by Prince Charles to help combat unemployment at a time when young people in the UK were struggling to find jobs. Today this ethos very much lives on and since its inception hundreds of thousands of young people have benefited from the scheme.

Last autumn, I worked with the Prince’s Trust to provide an opportunity for a young person in Great Yarmouth to gain valuable experience in the workplace. Stephen Spillings, 24, took part in a two-week internship, which gave him an insight into the working environment as well as the opportunity to work alongside me and view the mechanics of parliamentary politics. Stephen, who is now working as a community development worker in Great Yarmouth, still keeps in contact and utilises the skills he gained through the scheme in his day-to-day work.

The trust does a fantastic job in reaching out to young adults who require assistance whilst out of work; whether it is developing skills in specific industries, addressing accommodation needs, or supporting clients in gaining independence.
During his time in my office Stephen threw himself into the work he did; approaching it with enthusiasm and showing some real initiative. Stephen is a great success story and a shining example of the work the Prince’s Trust do locally, in Great Yarmouth, and at a national level. Individuals like Stephen embody the role the Prince’s Trust plays in assisting young people regain their independence and develop their skills for the future. I congratulate the Prince’s Trust on their 35th Anniversary and hope they will continue to do so for many years to come.