The nuclear deterrent shouldn’t become a political football

Yesterday, I was shocked to hear that some members of the Liberal Democrat and Labour parties are openly discussing trying to play politics with our national defence. Nick Harvey the Liberal Democrat Minister for Defence has suggested that at the next general election he would attempt to use Britain’s nuclear deterrent as a major election issue.

Mr Harvey is advocating a slightly different method of deploying Trident. His argument is legitimate; however he seems to view this vital issue as being some minor triviality which can be used for party political benefit.

I find this notion very concerning. I strongly feel national safety should come before party political posturing. Our world is a dangerous one and Great Britain’s nuclear deterrent is an essential guarantee of national security. Of course, the replacement to Trident should be debated and discussed but this debate should not be lowered to the point of being defined by party political points scoring. This would not only be bad for politics but would be bad for our nation.

26th May 2011