Swimming!! ouch

It is now clear that swimming is the big issue for my shoulder. Even a short swim this week seems to have left its impression on my shoulder. I have had a few swims that have been fine but one over the weekend has left me back with a soreness and stiffness that I can feel when i run and make a long bike ride a tad uncomfortable as well.

I am planning to take a long slow run at lunchtime today to help me make a final decision over which event I take part in over the weekend as I have the option of a Saturday XTri (which is my preferred option) or a duathlon on Sunday, or both (should i decide to end the season madly)!

At present the duathlon is winning out, purely because it does not involve a 750mtr swim first but i will see how things feel at the end of today. I am keen to get another tri under my belt, despite the times meaning at 5 am start at the latest on Saturday should I opt for the tri. 🙂

Whatever I decide upon I have enjoyed my first season foray in triathlon. I have learnt a lot (I will blog on this later in the month). I have met some great people and found a sport I want to be part of for a long time. I also know clearly that I need to loose weight and plan training better to avoid the injury issues I have had in the second half of the season. I have also managed to raise around £2,000 for a great charity in Great Yarmouth: Palliative Care East. So a good result on  a range of levels.