Swim and Run

This week has been productive thus far.  I managed to get to the gym last night and do a 1000 mtr swim in 30 mins as per the program for this week set by my coach.

Mark (my excellent coach from http://www.born2tri.com/) will be somewhat surprised that I am thus far managing, at last, to complete a full weeks program to the letter.:-)

At lunchtime today I also did a run of 45 mins keeping my heart rate under 135bpm and with short walk breaks between each 15 min stint.

After both sessions I have felt great, so reminding my body that it is always better on days that I do manage to exercise. I now hope to fit in another 30 min swim or bike ride over the next two days and then on Sunday I am taking part in my first Duathlon.

I am nervous of Sunday, my first organised event of this type (at least since the 2008 marathon) and the first where I have had any for of transition so it will be good practice.

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