Stop the business bashing over workfare

Business bashing is a popular pastime for many, who see business as the reason for all that is wrong in our society. The latest target for activists and some elements of the media are those companies that are providing work placements for the unemployed. This Government scheme, is particularly aimed at younger people to give them the experience (and responsibility) of life in the workplace. I am amazed that the critics lambast it as being demeaning or unfair. I can’t see anything fairer than expecting those who are receiving jobs seekers allowance from doing something in return.

It’s alarming to see companies wavering in their support or pulling out of the scheme because of the bad publicity generated by a small group of anti-business and anti-corporate activists. It’s bad news for those looking to get on to the job ladder, build a cv and gain valuable experience that will get them into work. What a shame that the potential of those that need this kind of support is being damaged by a group that purport to represent their interests – simply because of some narrow-minded political posturing.

This issue is generating a lot of interest in the media, I have already appeared on Sky News today, saying we should applaud business that participate in the scheme not condemn them.