Step forward in Tape Campaign

I recently had the opportunity, whilst at a reception held by The Guide Dogs for the Blind association,  to reveal a recent success in a campaign I am conducting to support visually impaired people. I have  successfully persuaded the Health and Safety Executive to highlight the need for appropriate tape to be used at building sites and on scaffolding to ensure that visually impaired people are more likely to see it.

I have in conjunction with the Great Yarmouth Visually Impaired User Group; have for many years campaigned for the traditional red and white tape to be phased out and replaced by black and yellow tape which is easier for many Visually Impaired People to see. Norfolk County Council has already been persuaded  to move towards changing the tape.

The HSE executive Mr Geoffrey Podger CB, confirmed in a letter to me, that he would raise the idea with JAG, which represents Highways Authorities and also the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) to discuss introducing a new standard.

I have been campaigning for many years to get this tape introduced. It is a small thing, for the companies with no real cost implication, but it would have a massive impact on Visual Impaired People. The VIP group in Great Yarmouth have been campaigning on this for a long time; I am therefore delighted that the issue is now being taken seriously by major bodies such as the HSE.