Stay safe this Halloween

Today, I am urging parents to ensure that their children are safe this Halloween. This is prompted by a recent visit to the Great Yarmouth Supermarket, where I was shown the specially decorated Halloween section.

Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and more and more children are taking part in “trick and treating”. This is in most cases in simply harmless fun, but I am concerned that if not properly supervised it is possible that the fun can get out of hand and cause distress to residents especially the elderly population. I am also concerned for the welfare for the younger children and alarmed at the number of youngsters trick or treating unsupervised.

I know that many children enjoy Halloween, and if managed correctly it is a day full of harmless fun for entire families. However, sometimes the fun can get out of hand and people can end up being hurt. It is important that parents know what their children are doing and are able to ensure that they are behaving in a manner which is respectful to the wider community.

29th October 2011