Sport Relief, British Triathlon and a sub 8min mile….

I took part today in the Sport Relief 1 mile run with colleagues and the Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport. It was good fun and made up for my missing an early morning run today. It also brought out the usual competitive spirit of Mps, with my normal 10 – 11 min mile speed being reduced to about 7.50, which I am very pleased with but also have taken a bit of time to recover from. One MP who came out to walk and was sporting DM shoes, suit trousers and a t shirt over his shirt, decided that walking was simply not enough and even he took up a gentle job to ensure he beat a few other colleagues! πŸ™‚


I managed to do another rile or so as we finished as the division bell rang right on cue meaning a group of us sprinting back to the Chamber of the House of Commons from Horse Guards parade so that we could make the vote: we did. Then having voted I jogged back up Victoria Street to warm down/cool off and get to a shower to freshen up and change ahead of my afternoon meetings and evening dinner.

The dinner is something I am very much looking forward to as it is for the British Triathlon Federation. It is an evening to celebrate the last year and look at the exciting future ahead. We will be joined by the lead supporters of the Federation and its CEO and Chair as well, who retires later this year. It has been an amazing year or so for BTF and the ground work is set for a very exciting 2012 for British Triathlon and even more promise for the future. That is why I was delighted to be asked and honoured to accept a position as a Trustee earlier today as well and I am looking forward to doing all I can to continue to support and enjoy the sport.

Enjoy being a key word; it is what I think sets triathlon ahead of so many other sports. It is competitive and I think that is healthy but it is also one of the friendliest and most fun sports, there are few others where an amateur like me can compete (or at least being on the same field as) head to head with the best in the world and in many races an amateur can even find themselves being cheered over the line by a world champion like Chrissie Wellington, Helen Jenkins or Alastair Brownlee who may have finished much earlier but want to do their bit to cheer on every competitor.

Triathlon is a great sport and it has an example set from the top athletes and the governing body and that is why it is also so right and proper that the BTF have been nominated as one of the finalists for Sport governing bodies of the year. Best of luck to everyone at BTF for that.