Short and Slow

I have managed to get out and run over the last few days, dong a mile first, then 1.5 miles and finally yesterday 3 miles. Short and slow, with a good pre and post walk.

I was amazed, after about 2 weeks off, how much I enjoyed getting back out again. It was not any great distance and was really just a chance to test out my foot, following my minor operation 10 days ago. It has held up well, still a little sore but each day noticeably better, so looking good. I will be looking to continue to build up the miles though I may res the foot a little this week to let it heal more and focus a bit on swimming.

Slightly worryingly even on the 3 mile run last week I could still feel my shoulder, so I need to do some swimming test if that is the same problem I had before and rest has not fixed it, or just a bit of stiffness form lack of use for a couple of weeks.