In part this week has been disappointing. I had planned to get at least 2 open water swim session completed but it has not worked out.
I have been unable to swim as my shoulder has been too sore and the swimming of last weekend seems to have aggravated it. Cycling is also uncomfortable duento the shoulder after about 30mins in the saddle, so this week has been restricted to running. This is not entirely a bad thing as I certainly need to improve my running speed but it has also meant I have probably over done that part of my training as a slight foot strain is proving 🙂
I am growing concerned that my shoulder is going to prevent my taking part on August 7th but will be aiming to get it properly checked this week. If that is the case then I will take a week or so enforced rest to try and get it sorted once and for all so I can take part in the 3 events I have entered for September.
One thing I have learnt in this exposure to triathlon is that it is not about a single event but the ability to compete, orncomplete, a range of events over a period of time. This ensures enjoyment and longevity!
Will keep you posted.