Running with Chrissie Wellington….

First off, if not already clear form these pages; my two sporting icons are Lance Armstrong and Chrissie Wellington.

From the heavily informed position of having never met either of them I can even outline why it is these two and I think that it is because as an outsider with all the informed knowledge of never having met them, there seems to be, to me, a key similarity between them. Focus!

They are unbelievably determined athletes who have overcome. Lance has overcome cancer and the toughest bike race on earth, just a few times and Chrissie has overcome injury and without doubt the toughest sporting challenge there is in Ironman and done so with good humour, aplomb, grace and determination that has left all competitors in her wake.

In both cases, having read their books they have also another similarity (also shared by Paula Wellington and other top athletes) that comes out clearly in the books about them. They train sooooo hard! So hard that the pain they go through in training makes the race a much easier affair. Something all of us want to be athletes can lean from. How often do we really train at our full potential, I though I did often right up until I started in the gym with a trainer and even on my runs I thought I did until I tried out a new audio session today, more on that below.

With this in mind and having read the lance Armstrong book, (it is not about the bike) long ago, I awaited Chrissie Wellingtons book with anticipation. It does not disappoint but…. it also led me to try out a new product form a company called Audio Fuel, it downloads to your IPhone and MP3. Today I tried out Run with Chrissie, the 25-minute interval session. Ouch!

It is excellent with Chrissie talking you through a routine that is tough but achievable and at the end I knew that I had done the hardest 25 min run session I have done, but felt ok and I knew I had done as much work as my normal 1 hr. run. So a good training tool.

One of my problems over the last week has been time. I have been busy with work and media stuff on the excellent work experience program (don’t worry I have not lulled you into a triathlon blog only to revert back to politics!), which has meant I have slipped of my recent good routines. Having been in the gym 3.4 times a week plus weekend sessions and healthy eating and drinking. The last 2 weeks have been a disaster.

I have eaten a lot of rubbish, making lots of excuses about not enough time to plan, grabbing M&M peanut and excusing myself because they are nuts not chocolate (I found this one works pretty well on my psyche). I have had lots of processed food; way too much bread and have even managed some junk food. Quite a couple of weeks without any gym sessions and just weekend run. I will all stop here and now…gym session booked for Monday and back onto eating healthier. I even type this with a rather repulsive looking glass of green gunk next to me waiting to be drunk…..