Rollesby Post Office Closure

The planned closure of the Rollesby Post Office, on 8th August, has left many people in the area concerned about the future provision of services. Post Office Ltd plan to relocate the post office service to alternative premises but this will not happen until after a public consultation period. Even then, it is likely that it will be some time after this before a new post office opens.

The Post Office is a vital institution in all of our communities; this is especially true in rural areas like Rolles-by. For elderly residents in particular they are often a vital lifeline and connection to important services. As such, I am a passionate supporter of the Post Office network. The company have informed me that they may seek to provide an alternative type of service for the Rollesby area. This could be an outreach service operated by a subpostmaster from a nearby branch, who would run the service from a local shop or community facility.

On behalf of Rollesby residents, I have written to Post Office Ltd asking them to make alternative services available as soon as possible. The longer the village is without a post office, the easier it will be for the company to end provision in the area completely. I have also asked that any new style of provision maintain the same level of service as now.

6th August 2010