Quango bureaucrats should hand back bonuses

New figures reveal that staff at the East of England Development Agency has received over a quarter of a million pounds in bonuses, despite being scrapped by the Conservatives shortly after the election. These payments are due to the appalling contract arrangements – instigated across the public sector – by the last Labour government.

Over £1/4 million was paid to 203 staff at the East of England Development Agency since May 2010. It is shocking that the taxpayer is forced to foot the bill for unnecessary bonuses at this scrapped quango. The sight of failed bureaucrats lining their pockets with public money epitomises Labour’s something-for-nothing culture. People across the East of England will see these ridiculous bonuses, paid in the dying days of this unnecessary agency, as the ultimate reward for failure. I call on the former bureaucrats of EEDA to hand back these ‘bonuses.