Pool Training

Swim training at the weekend was tough. I headed over to the training pool to meet my very patient coach Mark and the other swimmers.

I had tried swimming in a wet suit last weekend so for me this was about 2 hours of drills and swim training. It was tough and we trained form 4-6pm. What really surprised me was how tired it made me.

This session started with a 400mtr warm up followed by a series of drills of different styles and culminating in a mass swim with the 30 odd of us together to get used to the mass start of the swim section of the triathlon itself. I took that view that the most realistic thing for me to do would be to stay to the side and back to avoid getting hit, as that is exactly what I plan to do in the race J

I had a week of 4 hour a night sleep but still felt ok when I got to the pool. However, on returning home I found myself slopping off to sleep on the sofa by 7pm. On Sunday morning I followed this up with a 4 mile run and a short bike ride. Again I spent much of Sunday after that feeling I needed more sleep.

The up side was that the physical tiredness meant on Saturday and Sunday I slept for 9 hours each night, the longest I have slept in some time and with 8hours on Monday evening too, I have found myself this morning feeling better than I have for some time.

A good example of where the experts, not surprisingly are right, a good set of exercise and a good night’s sleep cannot be beat.