Parliamentary Expenses Published

The latest set of Parliamentary Expenses have been published by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority have been published this morning. This regular publishing of information is vital in providing transparency and is something I campaigned for during the General Election campaign.

One of the limitations to the new system, is there is no opportunity to add explanatory notes where clarification is needed. That is why interested constituents have contacted me to seek further information about a payment and subsequent repayment of £833.33 for rental of my Great Yarmouth constituency office in July. Due to an administrative error, two claims for office rental were inadvertently submitted in July. IPSA did not notice this error and paid both amounts. A member of my office immediately noticed the mistake and arranged a repayment of £833.33. Later IPSA indicated that under the system, this overpayment could be deferred towards cost of office rental in August 2010 with no requirement to make a repayment. However, I felt it more appropriate to make pay the money straight away and make a separate claim for August 2010.

3rd February 2011