Olympic Hopefuls

I have been frustrated reading the newspapers this morning. There are reports in papers like The Times (it is not the only one) which today outline some of our Olympic medal hopefuls.

Triathlon fans may not be shocked to read that none of the fantastic British triathletes are mentioned. It is a sport often overlooked and wrongly so. We need still to do more to promote the sport. It is good news that we have a crop of athletes across all sports who will be competitive at the 2012 Olympics but it would be nice to see more regular noting of our own sport.

How many sports can Britain claim to have so many athletes who could be seriously competing for podium finishes. In triathlon our bigger problem could be how we make final decisions and who gets left out, a nice problem to have.

With Helen Jenkins, Jodie Stimpson, the Brownlee brothers and Time Don (to name only a few) we have superb crop of athletes. Any of who are capable of taking gold medals on top form. Who could rule out an all British male podium if Tim, Alastair and Jonathan all hit top form in the same race? What other sport can lay claim to this sort of conundrum?

So, if you arena sports writer who has fallen upon this article in an accidental Google search, please take note and give credit where it is due: British triathlon is a strong field and it’s athletes deserve more national coverage and support from our media. After all, they could be one of our best good news stories of 2012!